Joined the team as the company scales up their design function to support rapid growth in the US market. Participated in revamping both our app and web platforms with improved UX and maximizes efficiency with our own design system. Adapted to multiple internal restructure as the crypto landscape becomes rocky during the crypto winter. 

2021 - Present
Product Designer

Head of Product
Gerry Ho

Senior Director, Design
Jesse Spink

Product Design Team
Stas Aristov, Leo Arten, Dmitri Litvinov

Normalizing cryptocurrency by making it more accessible.

As crypto becomes more mainstream, Binance.US strives to be the all-in-one platform for all crypto trading and investment needs. To achieve that, we'd have to be become more intuitive to help lower the barrier of entrance for users that may be new crypto. In parallel, do what we do best to support crypto traders and our institutional clients. 


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Binance.USProduct Design

AlipayExperience Design

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